Rules for foreigners stay in Ukraine due to COVID-19

21 Февраля 2021 Работа с иностранными компаниями

In connection with quarantıne whıch strarted in Ukraine on the 12th of March 2020 Law of Ukraine № 530-IX was adopted. According to that Law foreigners and people without citizenship, who exceed the term of stay on the territory of Ukaraine, are released from administrative responsibility.

It’s necessary to mention, that these rules shall be applied to the foreigners and people without citizenship who stayed legally in the territory of Ukraine as of the beginning of quarantine measures, id est:

  • those having Ukrainian temporary/ permanent residence permit
  • those staying in Ukraine for the duration of the valid visa
  • those having their resıdence term duly prolonged

That violation of rules of resıdence ın Ukraıne by foreıgners and stateless persons usually causes inflicting of fines in the amount from hundred to three hundreds of individual income tax exemption (UAH 1700-5100 for the March 2020), in particular:

  • Residing without the permits (temporary or permanent)
  • Residing with the invalid documents
  • Employment without proper work permit provided by the Laws of Ukraine
  • Incompliance with stated order of movement and changing the domicile
  • Evasion from leaving the territory of Ukraine after expiration of the proper terms
  • Employment after arriving within the proper terms
  • Violation of the rules of transits passing across the Ukraine

Some of the above violations will be reduced according to described above temporary measures implied by government of Ukraine.

Our team of lawyers is ready to assist your business regarding of proper documenting of foreign citizens staying in Ukraine.


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