Benefits of opening business in Slovakia and the most appropriate option

22 Сентября 2015 Словакия

In this article we will discuss why Slovakia is promising country in terms of business and how to draw up business in this country.

Slovakia has been a member of EU since 2004 and it has been also a member of Eurozone since 2009.

Slovakia went through economic reforms and privatisations, with the intention of creating a capitalist economy. Nowadays, Slovakia is counted between high-income advanced economies.

The personal income tax is 19 %, the corporate income tax is 23%. There are two VAT rates – 20 % (standard rate) and 10 % (reduced rate). Slovakia has signed 62 Double Taxation Treaties.


The attractiveness of Slovakia as an international business centre is based on the following advantages:

  • EU and OECD compliant tax system,

  • respectable EU jurisdiction, with EU Parent-Subsidiary and Royalties and Interest Directives fully in place,

  • image (never black-listed country), unusual business jurisdiction,

  • established wide network of DTTs,

  • no thin capitalisation rules,

  • incoming dividends are not subject to the income tax,

  • outgoing dividends are not subject to any withholding tax (notwithstanding the residence and type of shareholders),

  • tax residence certificate can be easily obtained.


Now you know the benefits of opening business in Slovakia and you can choose the most appropriate option.


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